When it comes to managing golf courses, we understand that there are many tasks involved. From getting your greens crew out at the break of dawn, to keeping your clubhouse looking spiffy, the responsibilities can become quite overwhelming. Managing turfgrass requires many inputs including time, resources and a bit of TLC. We realize that some of the greatest concerns of golf course managers are diseases affecting turfgrass and the conservation of water. With tight budgets and caps on water consumption, improving efficiencies can make a big difference.

Dronemates is using superior technology to acquire information about the grass and relay the data instantaneously. Our drone and camera are able to detect problems before they become visible to the human eye. Being proactive is crucial to having the best greens possible. Once we send our drone into the air, we are able to collect information on the turfgrass health and heat distribution. This includes identifying pests, disease, weeds, nutrient deficiencies, soil moisture retention and early stages of drought or dry spots. By analysing our multispectral and thermal imagery, we can then relay the information and have your greens crew focusing on the spots that truly need their attention. No more guessing involved – be sure about where to place soil moisture meters and where to distribute water.

Dronemates is an advocate for environmental stewardship. Not only do our practices have no negative impacts on the environment, but they also improve the impacts that golf courses have on the environment. By improving efficiencies in the resources used, Dronemates is able to mitigate pressures on the surrounding environment.

The search for instant, practical and reliable data is over.

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