InUnity – Brittany Luby

I STAND #InUnity is an art campaign designed to raise awareness about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. One of the most recognized images from this campaign (an aerial photograph of a human medicine wheel) was captured by Dronemates. Having worked with Evan and Nic to capture this image, I can say that they are both passionate about their craft and about community. Evan and Nic prioritized the safety of our participants. They attended preliminary meetings, sharing ideas for capturing the demonstration safely. They also worked with Indigenous knowledge keepers to establish boundaries around what could (and could not) be photographed respectfully. As an added bonus, Dronemates handled all communication with Transport Canada, freeing the Executive Committee to do what we do best: art and social activism. We are truly lucky to have worked with such a skilled crew! Miigwech, Dronemates!