Real Estate

The Real Estate industry can harness the potential of aerial imagery, delivering a unique and modern way to market properties for sale or lease. With our experience in film making and editing, our services can provide agents and homeowners footage of the property’s exterior and interior alongside the capability of creating a short film.

The Zenmuse X5 camera was created specifically for creating incredible high-definition aerial footage. Our drone services give buyers a detailed view of the property including the entrance, roof, backyard space as well as surrounding areas. It is particularly useful for properties consisting of many acreages. We can also fly our smaller drone indoors to capture refreshing videos of the interior. This contemporary mode of imagery is a huge advantage for wowing potential buyers as well as providing them with beneficial information for their next financial investment. Aerial videos and pictures have the potential to increase the value of the property’s advertisement resulting in more interested buyers.

Once the virtual tour of the house is complete and has left a lasting impression, all that’s left to do is sell the house!

Have a look below at some of our previous flights!