We understand that the success and fruition of many businesses rely on the value of its assets and the safety of its employees. That is why we offer services that can extend the lifetime of these assets, while simultaneously mitigating risk.

Traditionally, inspections involve high risk where employees are assigned to collect information regarding condition and maintenance requirements. Individuals are put at risk for the sake of retrieving data when they enter hazardous areas and climb to great heights. With drones, we are able to eliminate risk associated with employee involvement. It is safer, more efficient and more economical in the long run.

With zoom capabilities, our drone does not have to fly close to the structure to obtain valuable information. High resolution imagery, and a 360 degree perspective result in the most precise method of data collection to date. The photos and videos can be stored digitally for long periods of time and can be referred to whenever they are needed. If an inspection needs to be revisited, this is done easily and efficiently. Regularly scheduled inspections on a continuous basis allow insurance brokers and companies with assets to make business decisions and save money.

Dronemates offers inspections in a variety of fields:
Agriculture, Construction

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