Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is breaching the forefront of its industry. With impressive technological advances, we are now able to inspect crops and plots of land from the air while receiving information instantaneously. Drones are extremely versatile when it comes to usefulness and effectiveness in agriculture.

You may want to consider our services if you’re interested in acquiring the following information:

  • Early identification of pests, disease and weeds
  • Managing pesticide usage and crop sprays more efficiently
  • Collecting information on soil fertility and/or nutrient deficiencies
  • Improving land management and decision making on crop rotations
  • Assessing plant population, crop yield or spacing issues
  • Measuring irrigation by identifying areas of water stress and determine if drainage systems or waterways are needed
  • Viewing damage to crops due to farm machinery
  • Surveying property, fencing and farm buildings
  • Monitoring livestock

Dronemates’ services provide monitoring of agricultural fields throughout the crop cycle. We are prepared to work together to optimize your farm management practices.

To read more about our services in agriculture click here.
Or have a read through some of our journals focusing on drones in agriculture:


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