The best way to communicate your visions to the world is by creating a captivating experience for viewers. If you are looking to add a new perspective to your videography or photography portfolio, aerial imagery is on your side.

With artistic enhancement and skilled flight paths, drones are able to provide this service in a very quick and affordable manner in comparison to traditional methods. Our drone is equipped with state of the art technology; the 3-axis gimbal automatically stabilizes camera in flight, allowing it to capture seamless, smooth videos with stunning image quality. The X5 Zenmuse camera is the only Micro Four Thirds camera built specifically for aerial imagery, and is a leader in its field. This camera, and its interchangeable lenses, have 4K video capabilities and capture 16MP RAW pictures at the click of a button.

The opportunity to view and capture a landscape like never before is irresistible. We will add an entirely new dimension to your project and aid your audience in becoming more immersed in the story you are creating.

Dronemates offers media services in a variety of fields:
Film, Special Events, Music Videos or Real Estate.

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