A lot of time and effort is put into the construction of a city’s infrastructure. The way humans live, work and interact with the outside world is dependent on their direct experiences with their surroundings. It is important that construction is built to code and regulations are followed to make sure it is safe for everyone. Prior to building commencement, drone footage can aid in land evaluations. Aerial imagery also provides a detailed timeline of the progress during construction which can be referenced at any time. Another important aspect is routine inspections to ensure proper maintenance is done and potential risks are prevented. With powerful software, it is possible to create 3d maps of the structure as well as volumetric calculations.

These inspections apply to buildings, bridges, roads and land. All of these assets are of great value to society and need to be maintained by their respective owners in order to continue profitability and ensure safety. Inspections can be done easily and cost effectively with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The mounted cameras are able to get 360 degree aerial images of infrastructure and the information collected is real-time data that allows for updates in the maintenance schedule. Accuracy and time management are of pivotal importance when it comes to construction.

Dronemates offers inspection services to construction companies and to companies that require data about their already existing assets.