Drones Making Movies

Drones are transforming the world as we know it today. They’re changing the way we farm, the way we carry out tasks such as delivery, even the way we consume media.

Drones in media production have become very popular in recent years. Before drones, aerial shots proved to be expensive and difficult to manage. Alternatives to the use of drones included using helicopters, as well as the use of a crane to get above ground level. Continue reading

“Everyone Likes Drones”

This is something we hear daily when we get talking with people about what we do for a living. We definitely won’t argue with the fact that drones are making a huge impact on society on many levels. The other day I saw a story on the news about two young men whose lives were saved by a drone that was able to fly out over the ocean, spot them in turbulent waters, and accurately release a lifesaving device that inflated as it hit the water. There is no doubt that the applications for drones are endless and that they are “pretty cool”. However, the notion that “everyone likes drones” is not so true. Continue reading

Can Drones Help Farmers?

Precision agriculture provides a wide range of data, that gives an accurate representation of what is going on within a crop field (Canadian Grants Business Centre, 2016). This is a very fascinating topic that many people in Canada have not fully explored yet. Dronemates has been investigating the benefits of using drone technology in agriculture and looking for ways in which we can help local farmers. Much of the research and development in this field (no pun intended) is happening in California. Continue reading

Climate Change in Southern Ontario

We would like to first make a distinction between weather and climate. These two often get confused with each other and it makes for confusing conversation. Climate is the prevailing weather in a region averaged over many years to describe the general humidity, temperature, precipitation and winds. Weather is the current, daily state of the atmosphere in a given location regarding heat, dryness, sunshine, wind and rain. Southern Ontario is experiencing a change in climate and it is affecting everyone, including farmers. Continue reading