Precision agriculture is breaching the forefront of its industry. With impressive technological advances, we are now able to inspect crops and plots of land from the air. Drones are a superior method in cost and efficiency in comparison to planes. They can lift off from one end of the property and reach the other end in a timely manner, all the while collecting useful information.

Dronemates’ services provide monitoring of agricultural fields throughout the crop cycle. Disease, pests and crop stress are easily identified from an aerial view using highly specialized multispectral cameras, as opposed to the traditional method of walking or driving around the perimeter. Areas of highly concentrated weed proliferation can be more easily identified, especially in the middle of large fields. Drones also remove the majority of sources for human error and collect data that can be easily revisited.

On large properties, crops aren’t the only challenging thing to monitor. With aerial surveillance, it becomes much easier to monitor large herds, drainage and irrigation equipment. With knowledge, comes power; and for farmers, this means having the opportunity to increase yields and manage their crops more economically.

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