Drones Making Movies

Drones are transforming the world as we know it today. They’re changing the way we farm, the way we carry out tasks such as delivery, even the way we consume media.

Drones in media production have become very popular in recent years. Before drones, aerial shots proved to be expensive and difficult to manage. Alternatives to the use of drones included using helicopters, as well as the use of a crane to get above ground level.

Drones are very versatile, less expensive and compact compared to the alternative methods for filming aerial footage. Price estimates for a 10 hour day of filming from a helicopter can cost anywhere between $20,000-$40,000, while a drone costs merely $4,500-$13,000, which includes insurance, crew and the drone itself. As well, drones are able to fit in confined spaces (if safety regulations are being followed of course), while also simultaneously being able to film large expanses of land from above. Suddenly, action shots such as chase scenes become more vibrant and close up, keeping the viewer on their toes every twist and turn the drone follows.

With the introduction of drones, media is becoming more and more immersive, and is giving viewers a heightened experience. Drones have already been used for many big-name movies, such as Captain America, The Expendables 3, and The Wolf of Wallstreet. The use of remote-controlled miniature helicopter systems have been used since the early 2000s in films such as Harry Potter. Skyfall was one of the first films to use a drone to capture an action sequence. Since then, other movies have followed suit, and the FAA has become a bit more lenient when it comes to regulations, allowing for more and more movies to be able to use this technology to their advantage.

Drones have become such a versatile and amazing tool in all spaces of work. Whether that be agriculture, manufacturing, forestry, media, etc., drones are transforming the way we are able to interact with our surrounding environment. This new and exciting technology is going to help us accomplish so many things in the future. Its possibilities are seemingly endless, as new uses seem to be arising very frequently.

Author: Salil Johri

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